Beauty tip of the day!

Honey and Sugar scrub

This a tested and proven way to get extra smooth skin. All you need is sugar, honey or maybe virgin olive oil.

For the following concoctions, I basically use the same rations for each mixture: mix 1/2 part sugar and 2 parts honey and/ or extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) together (shoot, why not mix all three together as well). Lol. I usually just ‘eyeball’ the ingredients just to make sure I don’t have too much sugar in the mix because doing so can make the scrub too rough on my face. I just make sure that there’s enough sugar to scrub the dead skin cells off without butchering my face with it. Remember, be gentle with your skins!

NB: Please, please, please, don’t use the following ingredients if you’re allergic to it. Although these products are natural and has its benefits, if you’re just simply allergic to it, it really won’t do you any good. So please before you put this on your face make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.



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