Long Lasting Makeup Tips


–   Get gorgeous eyelashes all day: Heat up your eyelash curler with your blow dryer. Then (carefully!) crimp your lashes twice, once in the middle and once near the tips

–   For lasting Foundation: Apply cream or liquid formulas with a sponge only to areas of your face that  really need it- avoid a ‘makeup mask’. Next, apply loose powder with a puff for more control.


–   For lasting lip makeup: Brush your lips well with old tooth brush. Massaging lips with a cube of ice will make it look plump, pink and fresh. Shades like red, lilac and pinks will add to the appearance. Giving an outline with the lip pencil and then fill in colour to achieve long lasting lip makeup.

Eye primer

–   Eye Make up: For your eyes, remember to use a primer (such as M.A.C. paint pots or Tara Orekelewa primer) to prevent smudging and creasing. It would be good for you to know that waterproof mascaras tend to flake as they are drying products, so you need to shift to a regular one.


–   Long lasting scent: Smell as fresh as daisy through the day or night by applying perfume on the ‘pulse points’, which are your wrists and neck. These points are the best place to apply perfume, as they are known to produce heat, in turn releasing the fragrance.


What other tips do you know? Pls share with us below


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