15 Fun but Effective Tips to Surviving NYSC Camp

Here are 15 fun but important tips on how to survive your 3 weeks NYSC camp. We promise you, if you adhere to these tips, you’ll no doubt have an amazing stay in camp no matter how remote your area is

Check on it!!!

1: Don’t take any remotely expensive or valuable possessions.

2: Take enough money to pay your way past suffering and stress.

3: Shamelessly suck up to every officer in sight. Call them mummy, if they are ladies. Buy them beer.

4: Lock everything up every time you blink. Take your keys with you to the bathroom.

5: Stock Flagyl, Panadol Extra, and Immodium.

6: Dettol is your best friend.

7: Have two torches, a rechargeable one and battery-powered one. You do not want to grope your way around a filthy bathroom in the dark.

8: Come with your own white shirts, shorts, and sneakers. The ones you will be issued will be dustbin-bound.

9: Also, have someone in the mami-market make a new set of khakis for you. The jacket and trousers you will receive will fall apart. (For civilians, the mami-market is the market inside the camp. There’s one in like every military barracks/base/whatever).

10: Buy sunscreen. The parade ground drills are designed to turn you 2 shades darker.

11: Sign up for a nice, cushy Community Development Service group in camp, like Music or Drama, that you won’t have to attend every week.

12: Pack light, and bring a suitcase with wheels. There won’t be anyone to help you haul your luggage.

13: Bring lots of passport photos, with blue, red and white backgrounds. If you have to take any in camp, it’ll be stupidly expensive.
14: Skip the cafeteria and eat at a sanitary ‘restaurant’ in the mami-market. As sanitary as you can find, anyway.
15: Enjoy camp. Participate in stuff. Learn something. Make friends. It’s only 3 weeks, and you only do it once.
Bonus tips: There are people to help you with everything in camp. Just be ready to pay them. Not too much though. Remember, the 3000 other corpers there are paying them too. Those laundry people and shoe-fixers and water-fetchers are
cashing out. Aside from making friends and learning something. Camp activities are not so fun. But for the ladies, go for variety night! By the way, a mosquito net will cut off much-needed ventilation. Use mosquito-repellent cream.
(Source: Yvonne)


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  1. Adenike November 6, 2012 at 5:08 AM - Reply

    Cool… The government should also endeavour in their capability †?? think about empowering the youths after they’ve obeyed the clarion ? because that’s what make them different from drop out.

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