A Woman’s Rage! Ghana Actor, Eddy Nartey Stabbed By His Nigerian Girlfriend

Ghanaian actor Eddy Nartey has being allegedly stabbed by his girlfriend at his residence in Accra. According to a close source, Eddy Nartey who was present with the said girlfriend at the premiere of the his new movie “Testing the Waters” at Silverbird cinema on Friday October 27, 2012, had some misunderstanding with his lover during the premiere so as a result they both left the cinema to separate homes.

The source said that apparently actor Eddy allegedly went home with another lady to spend the night with her however his girlfriend somehow had information that Eddy was cheating on her with another woman. His girlfriend who is said to be a Nigerian lady, based on the hint went to Eddy’s house unannounced in the wee hours of Sunday at about 4 am. The source said that Eddy’s girlfriend on reaching the house did not knock or call Eddy but she rather went through a window made of glass louver blades. She broke the entire louver blades and entered the room and truly caught Eddy red- handed with another woman warming his bed.

A source present on the scene revealed that Eddy’s girlfriend out of anger destroyed almost every item in the room including a 42 inches Television set, Home Theater, tore almost all the cloths in Eddy’s closet, bed sheets, shoes and virtually everything she laid her hands on. The betrayed lover of the actor then picked up a piece of the glass louver blades and stabbed actor Eddy Nartey with it and he bled profusely until he was rushed to the hospital.

The case has since been sent to the Mamprobi Police station where his Nigerian girlfriend was held in custody and Eddy who was in a critical condition has been hospitalized.

(Source: PeaceFM)

Ladies, this isn’t the best way to handle a cheating partner. No lady deserves to be cheated on if the story is true but let’s try to have some self control and handle situations in a matured manner. Its advisable to desist from acting on the spur of the moment otherwise we might end up being on the receiving end.

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