Another Jungle Justice! Four men burnt to death in Lagos

Do we ever learn? How long will this continue to happen? Despite the global outcry over the gruesome death of the four undergraduate students of University of Port harcourt (Aluu4) who were killed by a mob some weeks ago, another set of gory pictures of men who were burnt alive is making its waves over the internet.

Report says, the four men involved allegedly went to rob last night but met their waterloo in the hands of angry residents who caught and burnt them alive on Vono street, Mushin, Lagos this morning.

No one could come to their rescue as usual as they gave up the ghost before the Police
could get to the scene.

I thought we have learnt our lesson from the Aluu4, but it appears we have not. When did human life become ours to take?
When did we become this barbaric? Why are we bent on smearing our name before the world? Why is the government slow in taking action and setting a clear low against Jungle Justice?

So many unanswered questions. My heart weeps for my dear country.

NB: The man in the picture above is reportedly one of the victims. I couldn’t bear to put up the pictures. Sorry.

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