Career Talk: Five Great Careers for Shy People

Are you an introvert? Are you shy and looking to find your place in the labor market? You’re in luck. The good news is that there are careers out there that don’t necessarily require tons of chit-chat or after-hour networking. They are geared towards people like you. Let’s check them out, shall we?

#1 – Creative Designing

It is also common for people who are shy to be very creative and have a vivid imagination. This is why you want to consider jobs that involve creating and designing

Such jobs can range from copywriting in the advertising industry, to website design, to composing music, to writing articles. If you become really known and respected as a creative person in a filed, you can have a highly rewarding career.

Consider a career as a graphic designer, where you might be able to eventually work from home – or even work on a freelance basis. This could mean more time for you to tap into your creative mind without the noise and commotion often found in an office.

By mixing art with technology, graphic designers can communicate ideas to consumers by developing the layout and design for brochures, websites, advertisements, or other marketing visuals.

#2  – Network Administrator

If you consider yourself a techie and think you’d prefer spending time alone with computer networks versus people, a career as a network administrator could be right up your alley.

As a network administrator, you might be responsible for organizing, installing, and supporting a company’s computer systems. In order to keep the systems up-to-date, you could set up network hardware and software, gather information to measure the network’s performance, and make the necessary upgrades and repairs.

#3 – Dental Technician

Dental technicians often work behind-the-scenes, assisting dentists and hygienists, working with a model of a patient’s mouth rather than the patient themselves.

#4 – Accountant

Timid individuals frequently work better with numbers than with other people. If you are good at math, finances or numeric analysis, a career in the financial sector is definitely something to take into account.

Particular jobs you want to look at are accountant, financial analyst and financial auditor.
Accountants, who ensure that financial information is correct, typically spend more time with numbers than clients, making this career track a nice match for people who enjoy data as opposed to office gossip.

If you perform well in your job, you can advance towards more challenging financial jobs and you can thrive in this field.

#5 – Massage Therapist

Do you enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of a spa? Consider pursuing a career as a massage therapist, where you might be able to spend your working hours surrounded by that calming environment.

You might talk with your clients to find out more about their symptoms, or where they carry tension, and then manipulate muscles to help them relax. You could also advise your clients on how to best stretch, relax, or even improve their posture.

How is it ideal for quiet people? For one thing, you’ll typically interact with one person at a time unlike the job of a politician. Using your knowledge of human physiology combined with massage techniques, you’ll get to support your clients’ well-being and healing. Of course, you’ll talk to your clients, too, but typically in a calm environment. Sure beats stumping at political rallies!

These are some good careers for shy people. Feel free to explore them deeper and see which one rings a bell for you. If none of these fields resonates with you, it may be a signed that deep down you are much more of a socially oriented person.

If this is the case, you shyness is something you want to overcome and then choose a much more social career. It is fitting your career field with your core personality that generates professional fulfillment the most.

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