Forever by Michelle

there’s something right i cant define
its rooted deep inside of me
nervous feeling, red cheeks
my heart aches with a hunger

the yearning for this is intriguing
envelopes my thoughts and feelings
robs me of my willpower
it is woven around you
i can see you inside my head

why did it take this long for me to realize
why did i push aside this feeling
the future i saw in your eyes
yet i ignored, naive

if i had the power
a pact i would make with time
to take me back to when we first met
tightly i would embrace you
rock you in my arms
feel your heartbeat on my chest
touch your tender lips with mine
caress you like the summer breeze

but alas, that cannot be done
pray you, tell me
how do i make up for lost time
i hear echoes of the answers every second
the sun illuminates the words
i’ll keep you forever
and never ever let you go

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