Former Trybesmen Rapper Kunle Bello Falsely Abducted By Police

Former Trybesmen rapper and host of the popular One Mic Naija show Kunle Bello was falsely abducted by police around 11:55pm last night and hasn’t been heard from since.

He told the whole story from his Twitter account till he stopped early this morning. Read his tweets below as he recounts the gruesome experience:

“So I’ve just been carried with bout 5 of my peoples by the Nigerian Police Force. We dey inside Black Maria and they’ve said nothing”

“This Is Nigeria! There you are minding ur own business and the people meant to protect ur life and property will come to arrest U forcefully ”

“I dunno. Somewhere in Yaba sha. I will slap the next person that says some ‘are U sure…’ RT @TheTosyn: @kunlebello where r u for real”

“They are Sabo Policemen btw. DPO Sabo dey here too ”

“They put the only babe they carried in solitary confinement. Doctor”s fiancee. Chick must be out of her damn mind! ”

“It’s almost funny. Only it isn’t! They just driving around picking random people. Now we’re in front of emBARssy. ”

“Now we’re @ Fola Agoro. Whoever’s driving this Black Maria(h) is high on some cheap drugs ”

“Just passed Roadrunners (our original destination)…they didn’t even blink. Settlement confirmed! ”

“Settle ke? We haven’t been spoken to. Just manhandled and dumped in a black Maria(h) RT @RicDizZLe: @kunlebello how much una settle? ”

“On my spare battery now. I worry for the girl in solitary confinement. This driver is doing ‘Hypnotized’ on the highway ”

“Uh oh, looks like we’re headed to Alausa. Apparently they’re just playing it by ear….or not ”

“We don reach Alausa. Just had to pee in a jerry can in front of like 30 other men. Aint no thang. Still no word from our captors, the NPF ”

“Many people here are convinced that RoadRunners re-opening was the catalyst for these seemingly-random arrests. That’s just sad ”

“Still in sum classroom type enclosure in Alausa wit some hardened criminals. OK, they’re just fellow friday rockers. Not even the rowdy type ”

Apparently, some of his friends have gotten to the Alausa station where he’s being held.
And this is what one of them tweeted:
“Two officers Rotimi Idowu and Ologun Theophilus are demanding I tip them to check if @kunlebello is here”

Naija! Is this is what our country has turned into? Is this how jobless our Nigerian police has become? Something needs to be done by the government to curb the excesses of our Nigerian Law Enforcement Agents.

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