‘I will marry Iyanya if he proposes’ – actress Yvonne Nelson

According to Yes! Magazine who recently interviewed the Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, she would marry Nigerian singer Iyanya if he proposes to her right now.

Read the interview below:

Yes!: Have you found the right man?
Yvonne: Not yet. I am still searching
Yes!: Can you tell us about your alleged romance with Iyanya because he mentioned your name in one of his tracks
Yvonne: He is a good friend of mine. I am his biggest fan. I love his music. He’s an amazing guy, special guy! That’s about it.
Yes!: If he proposes to you today, would you say yes?
Yvonne: Maybe, yeah, maybe. You never know. Yeah. I will accept if he proposes. I mean, he’s good, a nice guy.


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