Relationship 101: Ten Things Every Lady MUST know

1. A pretty lady can treat a guy like trash and he’ll still stay with her (because he doesn’t want to lose her to someone else) but that doesn’t happen to the ugly lady. So cut the crap ladies, beauty’s the first thing. #lookattractivealways

2. If you’re ugly (trust me people know when they’re ugly) and you’ve got a man, you better treat him right because he wouldn’t hesitate to leave. An ugly person and a bad character simply creates a monster. #ugly+badcharacter=monster

3. Ladies if you’re pretty and you’ve got a bad attitude, there’s a tendency that he might stay but then that’s an uncertainty. So pretty or not, treat him right. #pretty+uglyattitude=uncertainty

4. Loving him is not about staying with him, sending messages or telling him that you love him when you’re together alone, it’s also about showing to the world that it’s him you love, no matter the consequences or what people may say or think. #lovehimloud

5. The guy that may not always have the solution to your problems but is ready to go through the fire or storm or issues with you no matter how grave they are, is probably the most eligible guy. #chooseright

6. Ladies at a point in your lives you meet that one guy you know would do anything for you. Trust me it’s best you give him a chance even if he has no cash, because if he’d do anything for you then he’ll no problem making the cash for you. *winks* #givehimachance

7. Love’s about sacrifices, so if he’s not willing to make sacrifices for you as much as you’re willing to make for him then maybe you should have a rethink. #sacrifices

8. Love’s too enormous to figure out. If there’s a specific reason he loves you (like he says “I love you because of this or that), then know that it’s not you he loves, it’s the reason he loves and if/when you lose that, then his love for starts dying and true love never dies. #trueloveneverdies

9. If he’s becoming too busy for you or he’s comfortable going for months without you, then know that he’s found something or someone he loves more than you. If he truly loves you he’ll always find a way to be with you. #loveisnevertoobusy

10. If he doesn’t treat you right or constantly breaks your heart, what the hell are you still doing with him? There’s some other guy somewhere that’s willing to dedicate his life to making you happy. #oneheartbreak’sfarbetterthanaheartattack.

These are simple tips and entirely my opinion. If you feel differently about any of them, please feel free to leave your comments as well but also consider that facts are facts and reality’s reality.

Written by CoajLove

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