The Reason why Postinor 2 is trending in Nigeria

There were rumours that the Federal Government is planning to ban birth control/morning after pill, Postinor 2, because of its side effects. Postinor 2 is a morning-after pill that is usually taken within 3 days of intercourse to prevent pregnancy. Trust Nigerians to always make a joke out of something. The decided to tweet at the popular Nigerian singer and notorious baby-daddy Tuface Idibia. His reply is as seen below:

Firstly, it may be that Tuface is simply poking fun at people who make jest of him about his brood of kids or it could also be due to the fact that some of his baby mamas used it and it didn’t work. Whichever it is, Tuface has said it all, ‘I pity all of una’. No one should talk to him about postinor again o. Biko!

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