The Ultimate Sacrifice Almost Cost Her Life

First of all, the lady in question is my bestie. Yeah, my best friend. So i can fully attest to this story. I really wish i could do more to help her mum and put a lasting smile on her face.
Read her story below:
My name is Lilian Adjarho and this is my pure mother’s love story. My mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Omafuare Adjarho, groomed her four children to become impactful individuals in the society. I am the third child in my family and I am so immensely influenced by her mother’s love. This love has made me the strong, positive, patient lady I am today.
That year, 1982, I remember my mother struggling to stay alive because of her ill health. Nonetheless, she never stopped caring and sacrificing for her family. My father lost his job just as my mother started having children, and was also of ill health in the 6 years she had the four of us. A few years later, he came down with stroke. He then became a major need for financial resources in the family as he needed periodic treatments.
Dear mother of mine struggled with her job as a teacher in Ughele Primary school. She added to that farming and petty trading in order to keep our family going. The stress for her was so much that her health began to fail her. She was diagnosed of kidney disease and a hole in her heart coupled with high blood pressure. She has been on medication for almost two decades, yet never one day has she slowed down on her sacrifices for her family. She ensured that by all means her children were never out of school. She made sure food was always on the table.
She borrowed to ensure her family was running as it should. Usually, her entire teacher salary was used to offset loans which she took. She was dragged to court several times. At a point she went into hiding because people she owed wouldn’t give her a moment of peace. All these were just to see us through school and to feed. She did all this alone with no help from anyone. Her family members who could assist rejected her and even told her directly that she is killing herself unnecessarily.
I recall at one time we went to sell things in the market and there was an open fire robbery going on in the market. She risked her life not minding if she might get hit by a stray bullet. She rushed down to the market to ensure we were fine. I recall someone asking her if she wanted to die for her kids. She responded that the only joy she had were her children.
This woman was ready to lay down her life just so we would be ok! I can confidently say not many women will go through what my mum went through for over 30 years. She never gave up on her sacrifices for us even for a minute!
Today, my mother though alive, bears the scars of the struggle she had for her children. As I turned 26 last month, I promised I’d share her love story with all of Nigeria and the world. This is my pure gift to her, and a more importantly a way to inspire every mother.
For me, sharing and inspiring others with this story about my mum, Elizabeth Omafuare Adjarho, lets me know there’s indeed is nothing as pure as a mother love!

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