Tip: Finding Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone will determine everything from the shade of make-up you wear, to the color of clothing that look best; even the color of those highlights that (ahem) “naturally” appear in your hair.

Yet incredibly, many people don’t actually know what tone their skin really is. Often, we guess, using general factors like, “blonds are cool-toned, and brunettes are warm”, and though that may be the case for some, many of us don’t fall into such general genetic categories.

An easy way to determine you skin tone is by looking at your underarms in natural light. You’re looking for the color of your veins. If your veins are bluish in color, then you have a cool skin tone, and if the veins are more green in color, then you have a warm skin tone (a golden brown tan in the summer is also a clue that you’re warm-toned). With cool skin tones, look for colors that have a blue base; for warm, look for colors that are yellow based.

If you still are unable to determine your skin tone, you could be neutral toned. Neutral toned people can wear just about any color and look great. Some neutral skin tones pull towards warm or cool. If you’re a neutral pulling warm, you look best in warm but can pull off cools and visa-versa for neutral pulling cool.

Still Unsure? Don’t fret, it’s not always an easy process. No one’s skin is exactly the same and individual coloring can be a task to determine on your own. Most makeup counters can help determine your skin tone and help you find good color matches, if you ask.


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