Cruel! Parents Sell Their 11-Year-Old Daughter To A 76-Year-Old Man For s3x

An 11-year-old British girl was allegedly pimped out as a prostitute by her ex-pat parents for £12 a time. Police arrested the couple on the holiday island of Majorca amid claims they sold the girl, now 15, to a 76-year-old man in exchange for money over a five-year period. It is understood the mother took her daughter to meet the man on each occasion, with amounts changing hands varying between £12 and £16. The child was apparently ordered to leave her care home by the pair, and she was then handed to the pensioner and subjected to sexual assaults after being locked in a room. Spanish newspaper Ultima Hora alleged the victim was raped.

Reports say the girl’s parents are suspected of corrupting a minor, sexual assault, and inciting their daughter to escape from care. The 76-year-old, who is said to suffer from health problems linked to his age, is suspected of sexual assault, and the three suspects all appeared in front of a magistrate who freed them on bail as the investigation continues. Authorities in Palma Nova, Majorca, a resort popular with tourists, are looking after the pair’s children. The pensioner is said to suffer health problems linked with his age.

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office last night said: ‘We can confirm the arrest and subsequent release of two British nationals in Majorca.‘ Spanish police could not be contacted for comment.

We really live in a cruel and odd world.

Source: DailyMail

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