GV Exclusive Interview: ”I do it alone. I don’t have a team”! Gidi Traffic Speaks About How It All Started And The Experience So Far

Hello dear GV readers,

This week we caught up with the brain behind the popular social media brand Gidi Traffic as we get tit bits about the emergence of Gidi Traffic, experiences and somethings no one else knows about Gidi Traffic!
Gidi Traffic recently won the award for ‘Best Use of New Media’ at the Future Awards 2012. Earlier this year, Gidi Traffic was also nominated in the ‘life saving hero category’ of the Shorty Awards.

Enjoy the chat!!!


GV: Who or what is Gidi Traffic?

Who: -GidiTraffic is just a regular person who decided to affect the society positively by rendering a service to the people.
What: -GidiTraffic is basically an online service that facilitates in the sharing of various useful pieces of information mainly Vehicular traffic updates, security alerts and lots more

GV: When was Gidi Traffic established? And can you please provide some more details around how you got started?

Well no ceremony to it, on the 23rd of September 2011 i picked up my handheld and created a twitter account “@Gidi_Traffic”. Prior to that i had made my intention known to my brother who shoved the idea aside saying it wouldn’t fly, well i guess only i could see a clear picture of what i wanted to do.

GV: What is the size of your team?

Well contrary to suspicion, its not a team behind @Gidi_Traffic. Its just an Individual and yes i do it alone,well my alarm clock also plays a vital role in getting me up so i guess i cant take all the credit. 🙂
But in retrospect its I and my followers we are the ‘TEAM’ that make up GidiTraffic, “Lending Each Other An Eye” Plain and simple

GV: Do you work from a single location?

No i don’t work from everywhere. Its the World Wide Web remember? 🙂

GV: What was the motivation behind this brilliant idea?

I loathe Traffic jams a lot and i know that feeling isn’t peculiar to me so i basically wanted to create a service that would help remedy an unpleasant phenomenon in our society.

GV: Have you had any ups and downs since you flagged off Gidi Traffic on twitter?

Ups and downs? well all the time, My tweet counts go Up and Down depending on the time of the day 🙂

GV: Do you also have a 9-5 job or is Gidi Traffic an all Time for you?

No I dont have a 9-5 job i have a 5-10 job basically.

GV: You recently clinched an award at the Future Awards. We’ve seen tweets from your followers referring to you as Nigerian google, how does that make you feel?

Yes i did get the Future Award 2012 for the ‘Best Use Of New Media’ and that felt good.
Nigerian Google? Well, what ever names they might call or refer to me as doesn’t make or break the service i am willing to render. What matters is they are benefiting from the service i am rendering and that’s all i care about.

GV: How do you manage to respond to tweets on a minute by minute basis?

Very Simple, i just try to be available when they need me.

GV: Ok. Here’s the question we’ve been itching to ask and has been on the lips of everyone, is Gidi Traffic male or female?

Well i’ld like to think GidiTraffic Is human though this seems highly debatable these days 🙂

GV: What key lessons have you learnt starting up Gidi Traffic?

I’ve learnt quite a lot since starting up Gidi Traffic especially about people and their interactions with each other. I have also learnt that we have a very slim tolerance for each other. while we have some good people out there who would take their time to help others, we also have those, sadly the majority, who would exhibit a high level of insensitivity to the plights of others. I always say “We Are All Equal But With Different Privileges”. The fact that you know something does not make you any better than the other person who doesn’t it only gives you a privilege. The world will be a better place if we all helped each other in the little ways we can, instead of mocking one another’s dis-privilege.

GV: Which people in the industry do you look up to as your role models and mentors?

Well i really don’t have one. My mentor is an animated character and i believe that has worked pretty fine for me

GV: What are your future plans for Gidi Traffic? Should we expect a PH Traffic or Enugu Traffic in the later future?

Well i’m really not one for letting the cat out of the bag pretty early but, all i can say is i have got a lot cooking in the kitchen soon it’ll ready and everyone shall have a taste of this delight

GV: Thanks for time!


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  1. salamatu December 13, 2012 at 11:59 AM - Reply

    Did u catch up with the male brain or the female brain? Gaaaaaargh! Inquiring minds wanna know! LOL! I say she’s female.. Cos this idea is beyond clever.

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