Louise Priddy Shuts Down Bacchus Nite Club

Lagos socialite Louise Priddy has closed down her night club “Bacchus”. The club which was initially operated by her late dad, has been in existence for over eleven years.

The alleged reason why she closed down the club is the effect her dad’s death had on the entire family and the stress of running after big boys who owe and pose debtors .

You guys will recall that some months back, she threatened to expose people who owed her money on her Facebook wall.

Her exact post below…..
”I am telling all you big boys out there, who owe me money, but go to other clubs to spend until you get bounced from there, and then you move on, it is ENOUGH. Instead of

clubbing, why don’t you get a job? It’s time to name and shame [you] with pictures [of] who owes me. Get readyyyyyy, MONDAY.”

She did not carry out her threat, but i’m sure they ran helter sketer begging her.


Source: Yeaol

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