Scary! Eagle Snatches Kid & Drops Him After Father Chased It

A Golden Eagle is seen on tape snatching a small child from off the ground in this YouTube video grab.

Could you imagine turning around and seeing your kid fly away in the talons of an eagle?

The video, entitled “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” shows what appears to be a family in a park in Montreal, Canada. A man filming focuses on a Golden Eagle flying in the sky overheard and follows it with the camera as the large bird suddenly swoops low and pauses directly next to a small unattended child sitting on the grass.

The man behind the camera suddenly utters an expletive as the Golden Eagle approaches the baby and lifts it into the air — while another person nearby rummages through a bag not noticing that the eagle has taken the baby airborne.

A frantic scene ensues in which the camera man lowers the camera and runs toward the child. A male voice can be heard in the background yelling “hey,” presumably in an attempt to get the Golden Eagle to drop the child — which it does.

A young child is comforted after being dropped by a Golden Eagle that snatched it off the ground and took it airborne in this YouTube video grab.

The child soon appears on camera, unharmed, having apparently been dropped by the Golden Eagle two or three feet from the air.

Another man is seen on camera comforting the startled baby, while the cameraman asks in French, “Are you okay?”

Watch the video below:

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