Singer Tiwa Banks Brutally Stabbed By Her Landlord’s Son Tobi Obadina

This sadly seems to be a norm in Nigeria. According to broadcasts made by family and close friend to fast rising singer Tiwa Banks aka Tiwantiwa, she was brutally assaulted and stabbed last night by her landlord’s youngest son Tobi Obadina.

Tobi had allegedly stormed into Tiwa’s apartment at night due to a little misunderstanding they had.

According to statements, Tobi broke a bottle on Tiwa’s head, stabbed her severally, her brother and a neighbour who met him (Tobi) at the scene. He then stormed out, leaving Tiwa in a pool of her own blood!

Tiwa was rushed to the hospital by neighbours.

She is reportedly still at the hospital now while Tobi is said to be boasting around that he can’t be arrested because he is an ex-officer’s son.

How sad that this keeps happening!

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