Video: Best Marriage Proposal Ever! (A Must-Watch)

A few days ago I came across this fantastic video of a marriage proposal on Youtube. In this video Isaac Lamb, an actor proposes to his girlfriend, Amy, a choreographer, with help from than 50 friends and family. The video starts off with Isaac Lamb’s brother asking Amy to sit in the back of the car and to put on the headphones. She puts them on and starts listening to the music that’s being played.

Then the car starts moving and from the back of the car she watches people appearing and disappearing while they dance and lip sync to the song. I don’t want to give everything away and spoil it. You should watch the video to find out for yourself.

All of it, all the dance moves, Amy’s reaction and the happy ending make it such a wonderful video to watch. You can never get bored of it.


Looks like we’re heading for a future full of more wonderful recorded marriage proposals, one trying to do better than the other. I wonder how anyone will match this one.

The question is, Have you ever proposed to someone or has someone ever proposed to you? What was it like? Do you think anyone will ever match the above proposal? What would you do?

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