6 Common New Year Resolutions That People Make And Break

It is not uncommon to find people resolving to do a lot of things that they don’t usually do in the new year. However, most people break resolutions as fast as they make them. When you ask them, they’ll say “men it’s not easy”. We’ve all been on that road before or similar roads. Here are the common new year resolutions that people make and break and how to avoid breaking such resolutions in 2013.

1. I will not have pre-marital s3x this new year

Many sexually-active youths find themselves in a constant toggle between having pre-marital s3x and not. They successfully go on three months of s3x-sabbatical leave. After that they give up. They nurse suppressed lust and suddenly feel like they need s3x, just one more to be mentally alright. They break it and feel guilty and continue breaking to break it for the rest of the year. What happens next, they (the males especially) start to count… 1, 2, 3, 7. Wow!.

Solution: Avoid things that lead you to temptation. Avoid being in enclosed places with people who turn you on. Your hormones will rage but channel your thoughts elsewhere. Distract yourself intentionally when you feel like Being Intimate. Olakunle Soriyan says that “there’s no such thing as a weakness”. What is weak is your mind.

2. I will not smoke or drink this new year

My friends, old habits die hard. The distance between 2012 and 2013 is one second. You were a chain smoker one second and you were hoping to be none in the next second (new year). Well it is very possible. However, it is usually unrealistic. Habits like smoking and drinking hardly leave without a fight.

Solution: As with the pre-marital s3x issue, avoid people who make you smoke and take the drinks that you don’t want. It’s hard resisting offers from people you are used to hanging out with. When you feel the urge to do so, step it down. Take a lollipop as opposed to a cigarette. Take a soft drink or fruit juice as opposed to an alcoholic drink. You may also drink water. You need all the determination you can get.

3. I will read more, get more knowledge in the new year

Well as the saying goes, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Many times, we say this like this year I will get my masters degree. I will read more. I will study harder. I will read more book. I will get higher grades. I will read more this and that. The year crawls by and you haven’t even added to your knowledge-database. In fact, you are forgetting the things that you learnt last year. This is no good at all (as Jet Li will say).

Solution: What happened was that you allowed yourself to forget the things that you had decided to do. You did not schedule a time or create a reading timetable. You did not request for a transcript talk-less of registering for a Master’s program. In long and short, you did not prepare. You did not insert any of these things you purposed to do into your schedule. Who is to blame? Your boss? Your lecturers? You friends? No. You are to blame. Sort yourself out. Create a schedule. Plan.

4. I will make more money in the new year (Buy car, Build Houses)

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. There’s a difference between a resolution and wishful thinking. To say you will have money in the new year is wishful thinking. There’s a difference between faith and wishful thinking although they run along the same sphere. A lot of people say stuff like “I will buy a range rover jeep in the new year” without having money to get a BMX Bicycle. Well this is not a resolution. The word resolution comes from the word resolve. To resolve means that you have made a mistake and you are giving yourself a chance to re-attempt and correct those mistakes.

Solution: Plan yourself. Calculate how much will be required to buy the car you need. Calculate how much money you want to have in your bank account by the end of the new year. Afterwards, calculate the number of working hours you need to achieve that. Divide the amount of money you need by the amount of time you have. Then find out how much you need to generate every hour to achieve this. How can you find the job or business idea that can generate that amount per hour. Nothing is impossible if you have a strategy.

5. I will get married in the new year

Every year an old unmarried man and a young, single woman resolve to get married. The year trails and then the probability of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right, talk-less of getting married looks bleak. Very bleak. It is easy to imagine this when you begin to notice the folds around your belly and little bags below your eyes. You are ageing. Yeah. It dawns on you. Your friends drive to your house with their kids and you remember “I need to get married quickly”. However, this does not occur sometimes due to circumstances.

Solution: Don’t give up. If you’ve got a fiancée, then this would be based on your mutual agreements. If you are still single (without a spouse) put on the wife-material undergarment or carry the husband-materials (you know them) with you. (That is entirely another full-length article). Make friends. Be lively. Open your heart. Believe love exists. Not all men or women are bad. Develop a flexible mind. Be less self-centred. Be prayerful. Be financially prepared. Be mentally matured for the ups and downs associated with marriage. You must be ready.

6. I will shed some weight, Eat less in the new year

This is very similar to s3x. A lot of people especially those that are overweight or a little above what they will like to weigh say this. Many of these people are addicted to chocolates and lots of other junks that are high in calories. They try but they keep failing.

Solution: Well not so bad. What you require is discipline. Questions you need to ask yourself when you are tempted to down a whole pack of Maltesers; What will it benefit me? Would I die if I don’t eat this now? Is there a more healthy option? You should ask yourself critical questions and decide to stay disciplined. If you’re upset about being too fat or being overweight, then you can explore natural weight-shedding exercises such as the Dukan Diet. The Dukan Diet works, you can google it.

The six most common new year resolutions that are easily broken are centred around s3x, bad habits, wealth, materials and attitude. Attitude can be found in everything. It is important to develop a positive mental attitude in order to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) goals.


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