Enough is Enough: These Illegal Butt injections Have To Stop


A second woman has been arrested in relation to the butt-injection homicide case that took place last March — yes, I said butt-injection homicide.

You may recall last year when a Georgia woman, 37-year-old Karima Gordon, died from blood clots in her lungs after an illegal butt injection procedure.

Morris Garner, who had no training or license, injected Gordon with a silicone-like substance in his Jackson, Mississippi home. He was arrested and charge with depraved-heart murder in September.

Now authorities have arrested an accomplice, 39-year-old, hip-hop model Natasha Stewart. According to reports, Stewart — who also goes by Pebbelz — helped recruit women for butt enhancement and introduced Gordon to Garner.

She’s been indicted on charges of murder, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

With so many black market butt-injections making national headlines, hopefully this saga will come to an end soon.

Clearly, seeking cheaper alternatives for plastic surgery is not the answer. Enough is Enough ladies!



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