GV Talk: How to get rid of a Hangover instantly

Posted on Jan 12 2013 - 11:08pm by Gist missy


“I’ll never drink again” is a common phrase heard after someone wakes up after a night of drinking with a hammering headache and a stomach rolling around like a sneaker in a washing machine.

Are you suffering from a hangover from that friend’s wild house party or the night out at the club? Relax, GISTville has got you covered. Here are some great tips to help you get rid of a hangover instantly according to lovepanky.

Planning ahead

You know that when a friend calls and says ‘let’s meet up for a drink, they really don’t mean one drink. And drinking out isn’t just about planning how you’re going to get back home, but also about how you’re going to handle the things that come after the booze binge. Make sure you eat a bit in between your drinks. You’ll thank yourself the next day if you have small snacks throughout the evening or drink lots of water with every glass of alcohol.

The best medicine for a hangover is a bottle of your favorite liquor, the one you didn’t open. But by human nature, just keep a few of those painkillers by the bedside, just in case. Life is a party, after all.

Getting Rid of the Hangover – The Morning After

Getting rid of a hangover isn’t easy, especially if you’ve thrown caution to the wind the earlier night. But here are a few ways by which you could reduce that numbing headache the next morning.

Water water everywhere – use it all to drink!

Well, atleast the ones you can drink. But jokes apart, water is what you need most. You can buy all the medicines, but nothing works as well as water. If you’re tired of forcing water down your throat, then have some fresh juices as this will also help you restore your low sugar levels to normal and stop the heavy sweating.

Buying medicines over the counter

Don’t go for over the counter medicines as it can cause stomach irritation or even bleeding. Your body is already forced to put up with so much, and adding any more inducers into your body is something you should avoid.

Is coffee good for a hangover?

No way. Actually coffee makes it worse for your body.It’ss got nothing to do with dehydration nor will it get rid of the high. Drinks containing caffeine should be avoided like the plague. Although they will make you feel better right away, they cause dehydration and loose bowels, ultimately making the hangover worse.

Eat as much as you can

Eat. Even though you’d resent the thought of gorging on food. You have to do just that. Your body has been fighting a losing battle and it needs supplies. So stock it up with fresh fruits and cereals with no sugar in it. Avoid sweets as this will make your sugar levels rise up really fast, which would make you go deeper into the pits. If you can have a full breakfast, do that. But avoid anything fatty as this would only put an added pressure to your already weakened digestive system.

With these tips, you should be on your way to recovery. Remember, it’snot going to take the hangover away instantly, but it sure would help you feel a lot better.

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