He’s Pretty, Entertaining but not Rude. P.R.E talks about his Career, Music and Relationship

– Can you tell us a bit about P.R.E?
P.R.E stands for Pretty, Rude and Entertaining. I’m an outspoken young musician who says things as they are.
-At what point did you realize that you wanted to do music and how did your music career begin?
I realised I wanted to do music when I was about 15 . My music career formally began one summer holiday when I sat my parents down and told them I wanted to do music. Surprisingly they gave me a chance to prove myself and I did.

-You were part of a duo, Twisted Minds, which happens to be the name of the imprint you are signed to ya? [Talk bout that, the duo, their kind of music, your relationship…etc]
The name of the label is Twisted Minds Records and the name of the duo was Twisted Minds. The duo was good and I enjoyed it while it lasted. Our music was very indigenous content on international beats and at the time I was a rapper.
-What experiences have you garnered and what would you say is the highpoint of your career from when you started till date?
I’ve experienced both good things and bad things. I must say though that from all I’ve been through I have learnt to be patient. The high point of my career so far has been recording with Tuface.
-Having spent a lot of time abroad, what challenges have you been faced with since you came to Nigeria and how well have you adapted?
Well, African time is a big factor in Nigeria. You often find yourself waiting on others. I have adapted quite well. Luckily am used to it and expect it now.
-You were a member of the group “Twisted Minds”, why did you leave the group?
Both I and the other member decided it was the right thing to do at the time as it was mutually beneficial.
-If you were not a musician, what other career path would you have ventured into?
I don’t think there’s any other career path I would have ventured in to. I was born to do this.
-How has the reception been for your songs?
Well it has been good for the most part. I come across a few haters here and there but I mean they do say if you have haters you must be doing something right.
-Why Tatashe?
Tatashe because that is how I was inspired to express what I was talking about on that song which is the spicy attributes of a curvy african woman’s body.
-3 official singles, a 3D music video, one Club tour powered by 360nobs; please tell me if I’ve missed anything out 🙂 Would you say the response and acceptance of P.R.E and his music has been positive?
The response and acceptance has had positive and negative sides just like anything else. We thank GOD that the positives have by far overpowered the negatives

-What and who are your source(s) of inspiration when penning the lyrics of your songs?
My daily experiences. Different things which I see and hear .
-Who are the artistes you would like to work with both home and away if given a chance to choose?
I would really like to do something with Flavour. As for abroad, I would love to work with Damian Marley.
-How do you relax when you are not working?
I love to relax with my family. Sometimes go out with friends and unwind.
-When you need to unwind, where do you fancy hanging out at?
Somewhere that is quiet and I can have my own space.
-Any major projects in the offing? an album? a mixtape?
There is both an album and a mixtape in the works so stay tuned!
-And one question the ladies would be looking forward to you answering….Are you married or single? Any girlfriends? boyfriends?
I’m not single but I’m not married 🙂
-Last word to your fans and aspiring musicians?
Keep pushing and praying. For the fans, I promise you nothing but good music and to always remain humble.
Thanks for your time. GISTville wishes you the best!

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