HOT! – Go Sultry And Fiery Sexy With African Jewelry

Do you want to add spice to your boring outfit? Or are you planning to stay up all night to party? Or do you want to impress a new guy? No matter what your reasons are, being sexy and sultry is an easy thing to do. No, I am not saying that you should wear revealing clothes or wear lingerie out. Being sexy is not exposing too much of your body parts. In fact, you can be SEXY just by wearing simple top and pants. How can you do that? Simple. Just accessorize!

What kind of accessories will make you look sexy, stunning and gorgeous? The answer is simple: African jewelry! Let’s take a closer look at these accessories.

History: Africans have been wearing jewelries since time immemorial. In fact, Africans are the first people to ever walk this planet wearing jewelries. The first ever jewelry that has been recorded came from Libya and was dated about 10000 BC.

Types of African jewelries: Africans are known for their creativity. In fact, there are lost of types of African jewelries available. This includes beaded jewelry, gold jewelry, elephant hair jewelry, bone jewelry and cowrie shell jewelry.

Materials used: Africans are very resourceful. They make use of whatever they can find in their natural environment and make it into something wonderful and useful. This goes the same with their jewelries. They utilize different types of materials in making their own jewelry. Here are some:

Animal parts – Elephant hair are long and black and is perfect for making bracelets and earrings. They do this by braiding and locking the hair. There is also the giraffe hair which they use as pendants. Others include the teeth of animals, such as lions and tigers which are made into pendants to be hanged on the neck of beautiful African women.

Natural resources – Africa is a land that is rich of precious gemstones and this includes copper, silver, amethyst, jade, malachite and hematite.

Beads – African people are known for their bead production. They use woods, seeds and others as beads. In fact, most of their accessories are made up of colorful beads.

Recycled materials – They are also good in recycling materials. For example, people in Ethiopia uses coins as pendants. They also make use of copper wire and old radiator parts in making their intricate jewelries. Colored glass bottles and plastic products are processes in a way that they become useful and decorative.

How can these jewelries make you look sexier? Well, by wearing the jewelries made by these resourceful and creative people, you will be giving and exotic and intriguing vibe. No other women will have the confidence to wear recycled materials or accessories made up of animal parts. And just by having that confidence, you will not only look sexier but a lot hotter too. Remember that being sexy is not having the right figure nor is it all about showing off some skin, but it is all about on how you carry yourself.


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