Introducing: Lagos Safety – The First Ever Online Portal For Reporting Safety Issues is an online portal where Lagosians can now report safety issues in their environment online. The FIRST of its kind in Lagos. It serves as a point of contact between the citizens and the government. Residents observe their environment, find anomalies and report them online. The government acknowledges the issue and commence work on it. Once the issue is sorted, the thread becomes “closed”.

The brain behind, Mr. Segun Adekoye explained “The idea was to bridge the gap between the government and the people. Sometimes there are issues that are hazardous to the lives of people unattended to for a while. An example is an electric wire lying on the road for days before it becomes fixed. We have been able to fragment the issues into categories that can be directed to their respective authorities such that PHCN Lagos, knows it’s own category while the State Ministry of Works and Housing also knows where it belongs on the website. We did this out of the need to inform the government about issues it rarely hears about and move them towards solving them.” was launched in December 2012 but has commenced full operations from this month. It helps to stimulate social responsibility in the state and makes all the residents stakeholders. There are several issues that barely get the attention of the State Government, this sort of issues can be resolved once it gets to the notice of the responsible authorities. The site also incorporates Google Maps so that places that are being reported can be accurately located.

The kinds of issues that can be reported are dangerous buildings, bad roads, flood, potholes, bad traffic lights, electricity, road lighting, no street names, emergencies such as fire outbreaks and accidents. Other environmental issues such as waste disposal, traffic obstructions, decaying or dead animals or people can also be reported. Security and risk issues can also be reported. These range from chaos, security alerts, illegal parking are also to be reported online.

Residents can begin by registering on the site in order to be able to report issues that they notice in their community. Thereafter, they can report any issue that fall into these categories. Registration is free and does not require any form of money from users of the web portal.

Security is a collective effort, it is important that all hands work together to promote and report safety issues on the site. The site is useful for residents of Lagos State who have no idea about risky or emergency issues in other parts of the State. It is helpful for bloggers and news organization to help them report and broadcast issues that pose a threat to human existence. It is also a great resource for the government to find out and address safety issues in the state. was set up to ensure to the city of Lagos is safe and habitable for all.

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