Oops! Receptionist Resigns After Mistakenly Sending Mail Discussing Her s3x Life To Entire Office

receptionist sends email of s3x life to office

A couple whose saucy emails went viral on Twitter have both resigned from their jobs in humiliation. Receptionist Melanie Anderson wrote a string of graphic emails to her partner Eric Knisz about their love-life – and then accidentally forwarded them to all her workmates. How embarrassing!

The emails, which went to 89 members of staff of the oil services firm where they both work, quickly circulated around the world with Twitter users spreading the messages via the hashtag #sandwichvan.

The couple have now both resigned from their positions over the embarrassment of the mistake.

Bruce Webster, HR director for Aberdeen firm Integrated Subsea Services, said: ‘While the couple involved made a silly mistake, they did not do anything malicious or unlawful and have therefore not been disciplined.

Regrettably they have chosen to resign. ‘We are however dealing seriously with the issue of the email going out of our organisation and reinforcing our policies in relation to this.

If you get caught in this kind of awkward situation, what would you do?

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