Opinion: Is This Generation Ready To Lead?


We have stated the problem!

We have highlighted the challenges,

We know corruption has eaten deep into our society,

It is stale news that the younger generation meant to be learning to hold the reins of power has been subverted, and now plays second fiddle to a debauched andwasted older generation.

“We all know, don’t we, that hypocrisy walks the land like a proud general from a victorious ancient war

We lie, we cheat, and fraud has become our common friend

We have glorified fraud.” (UKO ATAI: BACKSTAGE)

We are aware – only too aware – of our vast natural, mineral, and human resources.

We cannot dispute the fact that we have a seemingly incomprehensible and damning leadership problem.

We know that the younger generation thinks it can evoke a change;

It has read all the motivational leadership and empowerment books available.

We, the younger generation, have been fired up to make exploits,

We really want to effect that change,

We all want to be at the forefront,

Yet one question remains unanswered;

Is this generation ready to lead?

Better put, do we have what it takes to lead?

Though we claim to be talented, have we acquired the adequate skills?

Though we claim to be erudite, do we display wisdom when making decisions?

We claim we know our history; how well do we understand it?

We are certain we have the ability, but can our characters stand the test of time?

Students cheat during examinations,

Female students turn to flibbertigibbets,

Male students indulge in dirty deals,

The class representative communicates inefficiently with his classmates,

The departmental treasurer misappropriates the students’ association money,

The Editor-in-chief serves as politicians’ special adviser on media,

The student union president is bent on being perpetually at loggerheads with the school management,

The young entrepreneur is yet to learn how to manage and utilize available resources,

The upcoming artistes can’t take time to write meaningful lyrics,

The twitter personality’s duty is to post obscene tweets,

The aspiring journalist is not well-informed,

The future leader is ignorant of the laws and value of sacrifice.

Behold the Promised Land is before us,

Our Joshua is ill-equipped to lead us there.

We can’t even find a Moses to lead us out of bondage,

How do you see the cup – half-full or half-empty?

Can you create light in darkness?

What amount of smiles can you evoke amidst tears?

Enough of the empty barrels making the loudest noise!

Enough of the ranting!

Time ticks and waits for no man.

Nations rise and fall.

Seasons come and go,

There is life and death.

Flowers flourish and wither.

The nation calls,

Who is ready to obey?

Is this generation ready to lead?

Only time will tell….


The author Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi is a creative writer and undergraduate of Dramatic Arts at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
He is positive about change, innovation and leadership.
He is currently the Creative Director of OYA MAGAZINE (An entertainment and youth empowerment magazine).

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  1. Adjarho lilian January 30, 2013 at 12:38 PM - Reply

    Leadership in this system will only get worse!!!!! No doubt about that!

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