PrinceWill Ojukwu accuses Don Jazzy of battery – Fans React!


You’ve all heard the rumor which has gone viral. A Lagos socialite Princewill Ojukwu has accused the Mavin Boss Don Jazzy  of battery, oppression and dehumanization. Princewill alleges that he had a row with Don Jazzy at his newly opened club  , which led to the latter ordering his thugs to beat “the life out of him.

Read the reactions from fans and non-fans below:

”Enemies at work. Is it Donjazzy’s fault that koko concert didn’t work out? Now they wanna ruin his name. If you haven’t been with Donjazzy before you’ll be quick to back this liar up. But seriously this is FALSE. I wouldnt even believe if he said it was D’banj that did this, how much more Donjazzy. Next please!!! Lowlifes”


”Burhahawharkwakwarkarrr! See black ass. Haba! Which kind socialite be dis one? Mumu! See him boxers self abi na wrestlers I go call them?”


”I know dis guy na princewill we lived in d same compound in ikoyi, he’s a jobless fool always wearing suite up and about . He calls himself a lawyer and trust me all those things he claim to have re all lies big fat lie e no get anything. Laugh wan kill me I can’t shout oh princewill go and sit down and stop looking for who to rub”


”Lmao…. I’m happy they beat this prince will of a guy…. Them for kidnap u join sef…. Waka waka with ur chicken legs… Ah ah can’t u stay Indoors must u force to be a big boy? I’ve seen dis guy in clubs since my 100level in uni 2004 trying so hard to toast gals n famz but it isn’t working for him…. Dis is 2013,I am working now still saw him in dec2012 but still hasn’t achieved anytin….. He can try to give up abeg…. I hope dis beating teaches him a lesson.”


”And to thnk dt I used to thnk Don jazzy was a very humble guy.SMH..too bad.just wen u begin to respect some1 dr go and do somethng foolish.I gusse its only tuface I respect now.”


”And so???abeg jo who knws wat he had done to don jazzy be4 he could do such a tin…Don’t knw whose ria nd wrong nw,let’s wait for jazzy’s respond first cos if he really did it dt means jazzy must be really pissed @ him”


”They did this Basketmouth when he opened his new club. Now its Donjazzy. Get a life abeg. You deserve to be jailed for this. How come people in the club that day didn’t say anything about this on twitter or facebook? Not even one person said anything. Or no one witnessed his so-called beating and dehumanization? Psweeeee!”


”The Gaulible Don Jazzy sheep are here to defend their master, because he shares recharge card on twitter and he is humble, so he can never do such. Mumu’s already calling the man a liar, what evidence do u have??”


”All hublet watch 900k ni.. Cranium skull destroyed…omg..needs surgeries, awon boiz gaan press computer.stop trying to milk anoda. Ur back is even fresh. U were not even flogged. Liar..joker”


”Are u so daft. Did u read ur comment before posting. So u mean donj is right to use his thugs to beat someone? If it was dbanj, all hell will let loose. No matter what d guy did, donj wiv his big head has no right to use his thugs to beat anybody. Is he not a celebrity? Can’t he contain his anger? Na twitter for twitter in dey do good but in a physical relationship, he is brutal.”


”Hi I’m a witness to what happened and I wld like to address this issue…1st of at no point did don jazzy ‘order’ his ‘thugs’ to beat this man up, he insulted him and was also attempting to hit him (jazzy) at the entrance of the club and the bouncers felt the need to fight for their boss and that’s when 2 people hit the a result of the provocation caused by him… The injuries supposedly suffered by the same complainant is in no way related or at par with what happened that day because he was able to stand up, and walk himself out of the venue, and could see his car or whatever means he used in leaving…so how does battered bones, split skull and an injured retina still avail a human without super powers the ability to exit the venue of where he was supposedly beaten to a pulp…and at the end of the day only came out with a picture of plaster on his nose and his eyes looking picture perfect! Then the need for a pic of his buttocks is unexplainable…as he just looks like a man with ashy skin…no bruises no injuries…totally pointless…In all we can see this is a ploy to extort money from don jazzy, have a little fame off a fracas with a celebrity like don jazzy, or whatever his malicious reasons may be.”


”Oh so he shares recharge card on twitter never knew he was even more generous!
Ehen….can’t u see,d Man’s gift has made room for him’ how much has ur dbanj given to pple Dan gold digging from one wealthy man’s daughter to the oda!
Don jazzy didn’t do it period!”



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  1. January 8, 2013 at 4:28 PM - Reply

    I doubt Don Jazzy did such. He’s not that kind of person. I believe.

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