Vacancy: Househelp Needed Urgently at Prince Williams and Kate Middleton’s Household

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Are you presently in the United Kingdom? Do you need a job and wish to work for royalty? Here’s the oppportunity of a lifetime. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, have advertised for a servant to attend to the Royal household when the couple become parents this summer.

And while in days gone by the housekeeper was employed merely to clean and maintain the home, this newly available role demands the fulfillment of extra duties – including those traditionally undertaken by a valet, personal assistant, cook and even a chauffeur.

The assistant at Kensington Palace must polish silverware and glassware, remain loyal, and ensure ‘all areas of the residence are cleaned and maintained to a high standard at all times’.


Your new office if you are taken. Lol

A royal insider however expressed concerns as to the sheer number of tasks expected to be fulfilled by one person.
The insider said: ‘It is unheard of for one person to be asked to perform so many duties. Clearly the Duke and Duchess are going to get their money’s worth out of whoever gets the job.
‘The advert states that they’ll be required to work extra hours and you can bet your life they will.’

The source said about 15 people have applied for the job so far.

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