40 Questions You Must Answer Honestly Before You Say ‘I do’ (Pt 1)


Love is beautiful and getting married is like a dream come through for many young people but recent studies have shown that over 30 percent of marriages would end in a divorce within the first five years.

These divorces and regrets that accompany it can be avoided if people can ask themselves a few questions and answer honestly before they say those two words I DO.

If you are in a relationship that could lead to marriage, the list is inexhaustible but here are a few of those questions that could help you decide for real.

1. Does he /she still live at home? Why?

2. Where does he/she work? Is it a dead end job they are pleased with or always complaining about?

3. Have you checked out the family?Are there many red flags in the family you are ignoring?

4. How many past relationships has this person had and why did they end? When listening to his/her explanation, remember there are always two sides to every story.

5. What are his/her goals for the future? Are the goals realistic? Do you believe he/she has the discipline to obtain them? Have you ever seen him /her meet a specific goal?If she/he doesn’t have any, why?

6. . What are his/her friends like? Can you stand them?

7. What religion is this person and what does he or she believe in when it comes to religion?

8. What is the longest time this person has held a job?

9. Does this person always make fun of other people?

10. Are you embarrassed to be seen with him/her in certain social settings?

More questions in Part 2


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