Hold your breath ladies!! Idris Elba covers the March Issue of British GQ Magazine


British Actor Idris Elba is covering the pages of the March 2013 British GQ magazine.

Sounds like Idris needs someone to wipe away his insecurities and remind him of his sexiness. I’m sure he won’t have any trouble finding someone to fill that role.

The newest British GQ cover guy is posing it up for The Cool Issue.

And he’s all about his motorcycle, leather, and….effortless sexiness.



When asked about being seen as sexy, Elba replied, “The irony is I wake up every morning, look at myself in the mirror and think,’“Woah, I look like a piece of [expletive].’”

“You watch yourself age and it’s hard to feel like a s3x symbol.

Though he may not see his appeal, in 2011, People Magazine names him one of the “Sexiest Men Alive.”

But Elba says he is not a fan of women always wanting him.

I’m not sure what it is they see, not to mention that, personally, I feel very awkward. There’s no way all those women would ever sleep with me and go, ‘I really liked him.’ Some of them would go, ‘He was really boring or he was a bit aggressive or, urgh, actor.’’

But it’s a compliment and it’s a massive tool to use in sculpting a career, especially with what I do for a living because I work in the face business. So it’s a compliment and I use it accordingly,” Elba went on to say.

Elba also addressed James Bond rumors, as it is speculated that he play Bond in an upcoming film with the franchise.

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