Iran Alters Michelle Obama’s Dress in Photo To Suit Their Strict Rules


Mrs Michelle Obama appeared via video link at the Los Angeles award ceremony, wearing a shimmering silver dress as she announced that Argo had won the Academy Award for best picture.
The President’s wife sometimes jokes about her right to “bare arms” and her dress left her shoulders and upper chest exposed.

But a report by Fars, an Iranian news agency that acts as a semi-official mouthpiece for the regime, told a different story. Its account of the Oscars ceremony was accompanied by a crudely-altered image of Mrs Obama in a less-revealing dress as seen below.


The alteration is believed to have been made so the photograph would comply with the strict rules enforced by Iranian media censors.

Iran has a history of digitally rescuing female modesty, and in 2011 a photograph of Baroness Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, was altered to raise the hemline of a relatively low-cut top.

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