Photos: How To Hang Out With Your Favourite Celebrities For Free – Amazing Trick!

Instagram has this amazing way of making the average person (with above average talents) into a viral sensation.

The latest Instagrammer on #TeamBeautiful’s radar is @Peejet. This self-proclaimed photo manipulator and graphic designer by trade includes himself in some of your favorite celebrites’ photos.

The result is a hilarious look at what it would be like if he was hanging with Kim K, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kobe Bryant, The Queen of England and more.

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Explaining his technique he said,

‘I start by finding photos that at least match the basic lighting conditions such as a flash used and general picture quality. Then I mask out the layer to my liking. Then I use the Replace Color tool under Adjust Image to match the color. I try to match the highlight tone and the shadow tones. If I absolutely need to then I will use the match color tool, but I don’t usually have much luck with it.”


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