Why JayZ Didn’t Join Beyonce In SuperBowl Performance


Though Beyoncé’s halftime show on Feb. 3 saw her reunite with Destiny’s Child, it was devoid of an on-stage appearance by husband Jay-Z! Read on to find out why the rap mogul made the decision to stay out of his wife’s spotlight!

No doubt about it, Beyoncé‘s halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3 was the stuff of legends. One of the fiercest divas in the game, totally owning the world’s biggest stage, complete with a fan-pleasing reunion with her former Destiny’s Child bandmates — what could have been done to make it any bigger?

Well, maybe an appearance from her rap superstar husband Jay-Z, but a new report explains that her hubby didn’t want to steal her spotlight. As if that was even possible!

When Beyoncé began performing her smash hit “Crazy In Love” (with features a rap verse from Jay-Z), many fans hoped and expected to see Hova on stage with his wife. Sadly, it never happened.

As a source tells Us Weekly, the rap mogul made the decision to stay on the sidelines at the last minute.

He wanted that to be her moment and didn’t want to take away from it,” a source says.

“She had been working her a** off.”

Instead, he watched the explosive performance from a special designated area, along with their 12-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy, and other family members.

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