D’Banj reveals his life behind camera on ”The Tales of Oliver Twist – The Documentary”


What wouldn’t you give just to have a glimpse into the life of the Kokomaster D’banj, a life that has never been caught on camera.

Famous producer Mudi Yahaya presents ‘The Tales of Oliver Twist’.

Starring Kanye West, Naeto C, Humberto Gatica, Ikechukwu, Codi, Bankuli and a host of others, the documentaryv says it all.

It features D’banj’s prominence in the international media, his interviews across Europe, his induction into GOOD Music, never-been-heard stunts and songs of the Koko-Master.

This video will get you cracking as you get to the Koko Master’s off-camera mischief (Including where he tried to woo a lady).

If you are a fan of the Kokomaster, then this is for you!

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