Dr Sid Unfollows everyone on Twitter, says he’s starting over


The Mavin Records artiste Dr Sid gave me quite a shock when i discovered he had unfollowed everyone on the popular social network Twitter. He ‘unfollowed’ the 4,920 Twitter accounts he had been following for a while without any particular reason.But he tweeted,

I‘m starting over. #lifeistooshort live your life and let others live theirs “what YOU eat doesn’t make ME shit”. My true followers will understand, for everyone else all i can say is sorry. If you’re still here when i’m ready to continue, we’ll have fun together if not hope you have a fulfilled life‘.

Dr Sid continued ‘in your time of trouble or despair, your true friends will show themselves, stand up and be counted .. and ur enemies shall also be revealed’.

Its a pretty tough time for the artiste who just lost his dad. So maybe we should give him some time. *sighs*

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