Fake Kim Kardashian Tweet Angers Nigerians on Twitter

Kim Kardashian-1740624

Nigerians on social media are at present buzzing about an unproven Kim Kardashian Tweet describing Nigeria as a disgusting country whose women looks like Apes.

The tweet doesn’t appear on her timeline at the moment but a capture of her supposed tweet has gone viral.

Is the supposed tweet fake?

Kim-Kardashian call-Nigerian women-apes

An image capture of the tweet shows her handle but without the twitter verification logo. This suggests the image might have been photoshoped.

However, the buzz and outcry has continued on social media suggesting that most Nigerians don’t need a clarification to go all out.

We really need to chill. I hope we don’t get banned by twitter. I’ll just change my nationality when signing up.

Lol. Just kidding!

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