For Laughs: Hilarious tweets by Nigerians on the #SomeoneTellKenya beef


There’s one thing Nigerians are extremely good at. Standing together whenever their country is being maligned by a lesser populated country such as Kenya and Ghana. It appears the Kenyans are our latest victim on twitter as they apparently stepped on our toes by starting a #SomeoneTellNigeria trend to diss us due to their ill-treatment on arrival in Nigeria for the match.

Here are some very hilarious and brilliantly composed tweets that got me rolling in laughter!

Its just for laughs though. No harm intended. One love Kenya! Lol

@Adagzy_LAKE: I can’t even see the people we’re dissing.. They activated there GHOST MODE””

@AbangMercy: So you all won’t say that #Nigerians started it. #Kenyans started the #SomeoneTellNigeria harshtag to insult Nigeria for hosting Harambeboys

@TheOris_: Kenya. One of the countries where Blackberry is still a mere fruit.

@engadget: Apple is testing animal-thought-to-tweets technology in Kenya today.

@cunleypumpin: #someoneTellKenya the K E N Y A buttons on my keypad are looking malnourished already.

@MolteteMiyachi: So this is how the 15 or so Kenyans UNICEF sponsored to enter Europe for education are using the internet??

@ladyhoncho: #SomeoneTellKenya they should go complete their evolution to homo sapiens instead of disturbing their elders

@omojuwa: There are plans by Dangote to buy Kenya. He needs a new cement depot #someoneTellKenya

@tosinadeda #SomeOneTellKenya that the football pitch they will play on in calabar is not to be eaten, it is for fooball

@Mhagayr: Kenyan Runners are son fast cuz they imagine Hunger chasing them

@deolaaa: UNICEF be recruiting Kenyans for their adverts. Kenyans be like “I’m a video vixen

@TheGreyGenesis: You know what the most positive thing in Kenya is? HIV.

@ReelMichelle: The only thing Kenyans are good for is Kiwi Polish

@Delia_Maraj: They look like yesterday’s left over amala

@Snikoggs: How do you kill 300 Kenyans? Throw a cornflake off a cliff.

@manmustwack: Dstv don’t need dish in Kenya,the ear of every Kenyan is a potential antenna,just plug to a tv

@AGEmillz: Kenya ppl be ridding elephants to school. They av a parking lot for their elephants

@gboukzi: Wait, wasn’t it Kenyans that donated cows to Obama when he won the last US presidential election?

@Omojuwa: #someoneTellKenya Kenyan players lodged at the Presidential Hotel insist on sleeping on the floor. Identifying with their President

@slimdandyMUFC: So Kenyans decided to take a dig at Nigeria..LMAO..seems they were in blackout when Ghana was brought to it’s knees by us..HIV people *sigh*

@SIRPYREXX: A handfan is d equivalent of a samsung window unit in kenya..

@LeHaunter_ Lmaoooo Instead of these Kenya people to beg us for food nicely!

@ksly4president: The most popular sport in Kenya is the Hunger games #someonetellKenya”

@isomto: #someonetellkenya dat Obasanjo’s ota farm is bigger dan their country

@LazyWrita: How can you say Kenyans joined Twitter just so they can kill Twitter BIRD

@Fonkymiss: U guys watch movie? Wow!”@CalebKibiwott: #SomeoneTellNigeria Its only in their movies that after 35 years later, the dog is still the same

@Ope__: Now Kenyans y’all don’t wanna finish your MB. It’d take years before the Americans send more y’know.

@LORD_FOLA: BREAKING NEWS; Twitter To Sue Kenyans For Eating Twitter EGG.

@Super_Spotter: Kenyans don’t have 6 Packs .. They have 6 Ribs instead.

@chibby_kay: But why are Kenyans suddenly following Me, I’m not a ZOOLOGIST please

@DammieOredola: #SomebodyTellKenyans RT @ThickPlate: A pack of toothpick——-»KENYANS

@Noordin2: #someonetellkenya Kenyans steal everything!Their capital’Nairobi’ was gotten from the words ‘Naira’ & ‘Obi’

@OluwaSwizzhits: I heard Kenyans roar, they don’t moan.

@dat_sexydiva: Aww Nigerians should please stop dissing Kenyans! I don’t support animal cruelty!

@PresidentJona: Dear Kenyans, I know you feel neglected, bad and rejected! But twit-fighting us WON’T put you on the africa map!! YOU ARE NOT A COUNTRY!!!

@Super_Spotter: Even Mosquitoes complain bitterly about Kenyans .. No Blood !

@Am_hey_why: Kenyans need bleaching cream to look like Ghanians

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  1. Da_Soljar March 22, 2013 at 12:24 PM - Reply

    Hahaha I no fit laugh o!
    Abeg, tell them to go learn manners.

  2. damilola September 17, 2014 at 12:35 PM - Reply

    dat y we re nigerians,we always stand 2geda n support each oda..

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