Kanye West begs friend ‘Anna Wintour’ to put Kim Kardashian on cover of Vogue Magazine

International rapper Kanye West is apparently trying to help Kim Kardashian land a spot on the cover of Vogue.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Head To Stephane Rolland's Showroom

According to reports, the rapper is ‘practically begging’ the title’s editor, Anna Wintour, to feature his five-months’-pregnant girlfriend.

But to date, his pleas have not worked.

Indeed it was previously reported that Ms Wintour said that Kim would grace the front of her magazine ‘over her dead body.’

An insider said to Star that while Ms Wintour thinks Kanye is ‘terrific’, she declared Kim to be ‘the worst thing since socks and sandals’. Ms Wintour also refused to acknowledge Kim at New York Fashion Week last September.

But despite the alleged animosity, Kanye appears to have no qualms about maintaining a friendship with Ms Wintour, especially given that he runs a high-end fashion label.

Desperate times. Lol. Just let it come naturally Kanye and don’t force it downt their throats all in the name of friendship.


Photo Credit: JustJared


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