Meet the woman who washes her 6 Feet 7 Inches hair with Beer

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This Chinese woman hasn’t cut her hair for the past 11 years and her locks now hang at 6ft 7in long.

In comparison to her long hair, 44-year-old Cen Yingyuan only stands 5ft feet in height, meaning that unless she ties up her tresses her hair trails on the floor as she walks.

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Unsurprising every time Cen goes out she and her hair attract a lot of attention from passersby, but Cen is proud of her unusual ‘do’.

She treasures her hair so much she even collects any strands that drop out.‘Starting from 2005 I started to collect the dropped ones when combing. Usually I can collect around 50g a year.’


She is unable to wash it in a shower or bath due to its extreme length and is forced to bend over a bucket.

Cen washes her hair every four days and her secret to keeping it shiny is to use a bottle of beer. People really have time, honestly!

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