Toke Makinwa Vlogs: Can i tell my man i had an Abortion?

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Media personality Toke Makinwa has released another episode of her series of Vlogs.

This time she responds to the following questions she was asked by readers:

1. Can I tell my man I had an abortion?

2. Should I go through my man’s phone to know if he’s cheating on me?

Ladies, what do you think? Personally i think the answer to number one is Yes. As for number two, i’ve been a victim of it unintentionally but it turned out there were so many hidden dirt which i uncovered. Sometimes i wish i didn’t see them because the messages still play through my head some times even though its in the past. Its hard to get over ladies. But if you see symptoms that makes you feel he’s cheating, there’s no harm in  making sure. Afterall, there’s nothing to hide isn’t it? Lol

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