Beauty Talk: 7 Makeup Mistakes that make you look older


Do the wrinkles on your face scream, “LOOK AT ME!” after your standard makeup application? Rather than chalking it up to age, the main thing to consider are your makeup choices. Just like hairstyles, makeup techniques can add or subtract years to your appearance.

Prepare to hop aboard your own personal time machine with these makeup do’s and don’ts. Destination? 10 years younger.

1. Don’t skip or cake on foundation
Skipping out on foundation in your daily makeup routine can have harsh effects. Foundation helps even out your skin tone, whereas going sans coverage can put all of your skin’s flaws in the spotlight. A sheer, translucent foundation corrects the flaws and helps liven up the skin for a youthful, even tone. If you have oily skin, shoot for a mineral powder. For dry skin, tinted moisturizers are the best way to go. Another thing that can put creases & wrinkles on full display? TOO MUCH foundation. Heavy makeup is a one-way ticket to Ageville; it makes you appear older than you are.


2. Using too light of a base
Foundation that’s lighter than your skin tone will only exaggerate wrinkles and fine lines. Try a hue that’s 1-2 shades darker with a hint of shimmer. It will give your skin a fresh glow.


3. Applying blush incorrectly
Blush applied to the apples of the cheeks can draw attention to cheek wrinkles and sagging skin under the eyes. Apply color on the highest point of the cheekbone and brush upward. A rose-tinted shade of blush works great for all skin tones and ages, but don’t overdo it! Heavy color on the cheeks gives off a severe, clownish appearance. A general rule of thumb with makeup: Too much = AGING.


4. Metallic eyeshadow
Frosty-colored eyeshadows magnify creased eyelids and wrinkles. Instead, try a matte or solid color in peach or taupe which work great on all skin tones. For more advice on your best makeup, check out our post on The Best Makeup For Your Hair Color!


5. Mascara & eyeliner on lower lashes
Applying mascara and eyeliner to your lower lashes highlights two of the things you want to hide most: Crow’s Feet and dark circles. Plus, it makes your eyes looks smaller. For big, bright eyes – coat your top lashes with the blackest mascara to make the whites of your eyes look bright and clear. Also be sure to curl your lashes to make them look fuller – which of course means YOUNGER!


6. Wearing Deep, Dark Lip Colors
A dark color makes any surface look smaller—a welcome illusion perhaps on your hips but not your lips. To make your mouth look fuller (one hallmark of a youthful face), choose bright lipsticks and glosses (peaches, pinks, vibrant reds) over deep shades (burgundies, wines, browns). Makeup artists use another trick to create the illusion of luscious lips: Before applying color, trace a highlighter pencil along your upper lip line, then buff it out with your finger.


7. Choosing a Too-Dark Eyebrow Pencil

“Your brow color fades as you age, so the brow pencil that you were using at 25 will look too stark against your complexion at 50,” says makeup artist Denise Markey. I recommend Maybelline Define-a-Brow Eyebrow Pencils, which comes in four shades or you could go with IMAM or Zaron Eyebrow pencils. Choose the one that’s a shade or two lighter than your natural brow color. If your brows are starting to get a little wiry, run a clear brow gel over them as well, brushing them up and out toward your temples.

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