Besties for life! “You can’t come and set fire in our midst” – Omawumi speaks of her friendship with Waje


Self-acclaimed Wonderwoman and singer Omawumi recently had an interview with Deola of Bellanaija and she speaks fondly of her best friend in the industry, Waje.

See excerpts of the interview below and you’ll wish you had Omawumi as your best friend…

In a recent video interview now trending, you mentioned that Waje is a better singer than you.
I don’t know why they just got that thing off my mouth! I think Waje is a fantastic singer in her own right and a worthy colleague. Whether she pass me I no know.

Your friendship has been celebrated in the media several times. Tell me about it.
We are good friends. We have similar qualities, we like the same type of things and we understand ourselves that is why you don’t hear things like Omawumi and Waje are quarrelling. You can’t come and set fire in our midst, that is the kind of friendship we have. And then our families are close. She is my daughter’s Godmother and I am her daughter’s Godmother as well. We go on holidays together with our daughters, we pray together, we have fun together, she is my support system and I am hers.

Would you say she is your best friend?
Don’t be letting her hear this sort of thing, her head will be swelling. She is more like my sister.

That’s the definition of true friendship. Anyway, see you all at her ‘Lasso of Truth’ concert tonight.

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