Boston Marathon hit by explosions: Sixty wounded, Three dead


Two explosions occurred at the finish line of the Boston marathon on April 15. Many people have been injured, some having limbs blown off and there have been reports of three deaths.

There have been two explosions near the Mandarin hotel in Boston, and up to sixty people have been injured. At the final line of the Boston marathon, two explosions occurred during the race. Many victims have lost limbs, and it is believed that people have been killed. Copley Square in downtown Boston was the scene of the crime. Three people are reported dead.

The Boston Police Department Spokesperson said there “some sort of incident at 671 Boylston Street”, which is the finish line for the race. There were twin explosions, 15 seconds apart.

“They were probably planned explosions, we are identifying this as a crime scene,” said a police spokesperson to WBVC. “They will gather a tremendous amount of information.”

It is believed that the bombs had been placed in garbage cans, and at “dozens” have been reported injured by The Boston Globe.

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