Brutal punishment! Police opens fire, kills ‘foreigner’ for driving against traffic


Here’s the sad story as reported by Punch…

A trader who witnessed the killing of a driver, Santos Korie, by policemen in the Mushin area of Lagos State last Thursday has said the policemen opened fire on him because he drove against traffic.
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The witness, Tayo Odunlami, told PUNCH Metro that the driver, Korie, who was earlier described as a foreigner, but had now been properly identified as a Nigeria, was not the sole occupant of the vehicle.

Odunlami added that his younger brother was also present.

Narrating what occurred on the fateful day, Odunlami said, “Around 7am last Thursday, I was carrying out the weekly market sanitation at Daleko Market when I saw a silver-coloured Toyota Highlander Sports Utility Vehicle coming from Ilasamaja direction.

“On getting beneath the bridge and driving towards Mushin, he noticed that there was a roadblock due to construction and he claimed he did not know the alternative route to take so a newspaper vendor advised him to reverse and drive against traffic, make a U-turn and then ascend the Daleko Bridge.

“He drove against traffic and as he was about making a U-turn to ascend the bridge, he was accosted by the policemen.

“The policemen were talking to him, but he was smiling and did not roll down his window. The next thing I heard were four gunshots and everyone fled. The man’s car continued to move probably because he had taken his legs off the brakes. The vehicle then rammed into the side of the bridge, damaging the car.”

PUNCH Metro investigations revealed that the killer policemen were attached to the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority.

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