‘Dating a successful celeb will not last’ – Iyanya says in an interview


There is this general notion that celebrity marriages do no last because of the ‘spotlight’ factor. Nigerian singer Iyanya has however touched on the topic. In an Interview published by PM news, he had this to say about his relationship status….

What is the relationship between you, Yvonne and Tonto now?
Yvonne is my hommie, we are cool people even till now. Tonto is my padi, we are cool.

Who is the lady in Iyanya’s life?
Nobody. It’s not like there can’t be anybody but my job would not allow it. It’s hard to find someone that will be with you and actually take the pain, stand the rain. I feel like anyone I’ve tried to have a relationship with always says “no, I can’t”.

Can you date a celebrity?
I can date anybody but the thing about dating celebs is that it would most likely not last. The only way it may last is if they are not successful. But if they are both successful, when people see them together, they would focus on them. That alone has an effect on the relationship because they won’t be free.

Excuse me, what happened to Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce, JayZ and Beyonce?

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