Glow like Bello! Nigerian singer TY Bello shares her beauty secrets


Nigerian singer and photographer TY Bello shared some of her timeless beauty secrets with her twitter followers yesterday morning. Go through and see what might work for you!

View her tweets below…

TY Bello Tweets about her Beauty Regimen6 - BellaNaija - April2013

@momatweeta pointed me to Treseme natural conditioner. It’ll smooth out the most ‘takoko natchi’ hair. Don’t know what they put in it. It works!

TY Bello Tweets about her Beauty Regimen7 - BellaNaija - April2013

I drop tea tree oil into my facial wash to get that ‘tea tree-ness’ when I break out. Be careful though because it can be drying

Tresemme Conditioner & tea tree oil - BellaNaija - April2013

TY Bello Tweets about her Beauty Regimen1 - BellaNaija - April2013

Tamarind paste is the most intense vitamin C you will ever use…it has an unparalleled antioxidant power…it lifts dullness and is also really cheap

TY Bello Tweets about her Beauty Regimen3 - BellaNaija - April2013

Body shop Vitamin C has no vitamin C. At least not enough to actually do anything for you. It smells like citrus but that’s pretty much it

Body Shop Vitamin C - BellaNaija - April2013

TY Bello Tweets about her Beauty Regimen2 - BellaNaija - April2013

Use aqueous cream instead of gel to sleek your hair down. It holds just as well and it’ll never flake. It’s super cheap and has all that moisture

TY Bello Beauty ProductTweet - April - BellaNaija2013002

TY Bello Tweets about her Beauty Regimen4 - BellaNaija - April2013

If you ever try Lancôme miracle teint foundation, You shall absolutely trash whatever you’re using. It’s a #lightbulb under your skin. It’s an inner glow in a bottle

TY Bello Tweets about her Beauty Regimen5 - BellaNaija - April2013

@konyenwagbor introduced me to Olay facial cloths. It’s super if you’re on the go. You’ll never have to pack a face wash and have it spill on everything

Lancome Foundation & Olay Facial Cloths - BellaNaija - April2013

Pretty solid advice. What beauty advice do you have to share?

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