GV Chats: ‘Adebimpe’ star JPX talks about his career, personal style and concept behind his new video

He recently dropped two brand new singles Mr Lover and Swap ft Puffy T. He also debuted a brand new video for his single ‘Adebimpe’ which recieved massive views and airplay. JPX (@jpxpressionz) is one talented artiste we are bound to reckon with. that is why i decided to have a little chat with him.

See the hilarious but revealing interview below….

Who is JPX?

First, JPX stands for – Joshua Praiz Xpressionz. JPX is a young artist who expresses himself in music and also hopes to be a role model to the young generation. I am also a choreographer, a producer and a multi-instrumentalist.

Let us into your background and Academics please

I have always been nutured brought up in a music family. I’ve being playing drums since I was 3. I’m currently at University of Lagos studying computer science.

Do you find it easy combining school and music

At first it wasn’t, but with the great help of Movibez(JPX record label) grooming experience, it has been very much easier and we are even more productive with the combination.

What is your biggest event till date?

WATHA (West African Tourist and Hospitality Awards) held in Ghana and Copa Lagos Beach Soccer, where I shared the stage with Black Magic and Wizkid in December.

Who are your music influences in Nigeria and internationally?

In the Nigerian scene, it’ll be 2-Face, The Abami eda himself-Fela, Sunny Ade, Wande Coal and a host of others.
Internationally, my influences are Usher, Michael Jackson, many more great artistes.

What do you think is wrong with Nigeria music industry?

I am highly impressed with the rapid growth of the music industry in Nigeria of which I’m proud to be part of. Although, with the right Structure in place, I think many issues would be resolved like artist earning properly from their sweat in terms of Album sales and good brand endorsements. I also think artists need to stick to their style and stand their ground on originality and delivery.


Describe you personal style.

Style as regards clothing, I would say I’m more of a smart casual person. I like to look smart in anything I wear, but most importantly, I like to be comfortable in anything I wear.
With regards to my music, I like to explore the versatility of music. Music is always evolving, so I try to follow its dynamism.

You recently released a fantastic video for your single ‘Adebimpe’ which received a lot of thumbs up due to the unique concept. I personally tagged it ‘Video of the year’. How did that make you feel?

First, I’m very excited people love the video, concept and song (with kudos to Puffy T who played a great role in the song). it also gives me a clue to a side of me my fans love. Above all, I’m really pleased with the response.
And I thank you for the compliment.

You’re welcome. So why did you choose Ijebu-Ode to shoot this video?

It was actually shot in Ilisan-remo. We wanted a village setting and also experience great locations in other states aside lagos.

What projects are you currently working on? Any future collaborations?

I’m currently working on so many things, one of which is my album. For my album, I’ll wish to collaborate with some big acts, which my label is keeping under wraps for now #patience…..hehehehehe!!!

Awesome. Remember, i get the scoop first! Lol. What is your big picture? Where do you see JPX in the next five years?

First, being a role model for young ones, then winning awards and finally being a face or an ambassador for a multi-national company *winks*…

If you are offered the sum of 10 Million naira to quit doing music, would you accept?

First, music is my life and if it is, then the price tag is way (stressed) to small to be considered to die for.

Your favorite quote is?

Answer : “If you think river Niger’s not deep, try putting your leg”.

Hahahaha! It was nice chatting with you. Thanks for your time!


Watch Adebimpe by JPX below:

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