Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan are NOT married – Stella Dimiko says contrary to Linda Ikeji’s report

stella daniel
Here’s what Stella Dimoko Korkus reports….

Since this Story of Daniel and Stella broke loose; I have been quiet because when one person does a breaking news, another one does the confirmation or denial follow up.

I have tried severally to contact Stella and Daniel but they have both refused to respond to calls, emails and all my attempt to hear them out one on one has failed..I have been silent because I needed to confirm If a marriage took place at all.

Sources reveal that DANIEL AND STELLA ARE NOT MARRIED but are in a relationship and Daniel is very cautious of the consequences..I dont know what consequencies he is being cautious of.

Other Findings reveal that

”Stella and Daniel are NOT married (yet). They are just messing with people’s minds by keeping silent with the news that they tied the knot,probably testing to see how people will react if they do get married.

They did not get married in New York in February 2013 because Daniel was in France, London and Singapore in February doing a documentary and he was not in New York. He even travelled alone on that journey.

Stella is a frequent visitor to Daniels house with her daughters and has won Daniels mum over with gifts and being very respectful but there also whispers that the elderly Mrs Ademinokan prayed about Stella and approved the relationship,the whisperers argue that she has not been bought over by Stella and has not collected any gift.

…His family members are one of the strong forces behind his laison with Stella,especially his mum and I dont understand why they didnt try to save his marriage to Doris.

I received a ten page email with some shocking facts that i would like to publish un-edited here but i have sent a response to the person who mailed me asking for permission to pulbish it because the details are too dirty.
I however have not been able to find out at what time Stella started with Daniel but the email I received hints that Stella came in at a point where the Marriage was going through a storm and might have probably been the reason Daniel decided to go for a divorce.

I will make the post when I receive a response……Before the day is over.

All those people cussing me out,make una take am easy..ah ah! me be Stella Damasus?


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