Monday Blues! 10 Tips On How To Beat It……

Monday morning blues

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]After a nice, long, relaxing weekend, away from the hectic nature of work, school and life, waking up on Monday morning can be extremely difficult. In a rush to be on time, you’re tripping out of bed to make breakfast, realizing that there is a meeting in ten minutes, stumbling into work clothes, skimming through emails on your iPhone from your boss demanding that file now, while all that’s really hit you is that the weekend is over and you are back to the ‘overwhelmingness’ of Mondays.[/box]

Didn’t you just go through this today? Not to worry – to make your Mondays easier here are some tips to getting you back into the swing of routines using a smoother transition.



1. Plan to have at least some fun over the weekend amid the chores. Then check off your plan to make sure you’ve fulfilled it. Visit the beach/cinema, have a party with your family, or go on a trip to a place you haven’t visited for a while. Having a relaxing, do-nothing-but-lounge-around weekend (watching TV, sleeping, playing that addicting video game, etc.) can be fun, but make sure you accomplish some things you wanted to do, so that on Monday, you aren’t wondering where all that time went and why you didn’t really enjoy the weekend while it was in your grasp.

2. Make sure you get all those errands done that you need, so that on Monday, you aren’t panicking that you have no food in your fridge or something like that. Then again, you might decide to do stocking up on food and errand running during the week (lunchtimes and evenings), to free up more of your weekend time.

3. Keep yourself organized. Keep the personal items that you’ll need during the week by your side so you do not lose them. This way, on Monday morning, you’re not searching frantically for your lost phone, wallet, or school/work ID. Keep your backpack for school or purse/computer bag for work ready, keeping all necessary items in it except for those things you’ll need over the weekend.
Get clothes and items ready the night before. Yes, it might make you feel a twitch of melancholy to prepare for Monday on Sunday night, but in the morning, you’ll feel better.

4. Spread out any work, school chores throughout the weekend. Of course, try not to spend your entire, beloved weekend getting one homework assignment or work crisis dealt with! Rather, do a little bit each day and spend enough time on it to have made a good dent in it, so that on Monday, you’re not feeling overwhelmed by it.


5. Avoid sleeping in or staying up too late during the weekend. Do not sleep more than two hours past your average wake up time, so that you’re not a zombie on Monday; too much extra sleep on Sunday morning might keep you awake longer Sunday night, leaving you unrefreshed Monday morning.
Keep your sleep bank in good balance––not too much and not too little!

6. Eat nutritiously throughout the weekend. Eat nutritiously throughout the weekend. Try to limit junk food snacks and visits to fast-food joints. To stay healthy, eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, like always, with perhaps an occasional extra treat because it’s the weekend.

7. Do something special or enjoyable to draw your weekend to a close. For example:

  • Make a special meal for your family or household or go out to dinner together.
  • Go and see a movie.
  • Take a walk with the dog or just admire nature.
  • Have a drink in your favourite bar or have an ice cream or piece of cake at a favorite cafe.
  • Call up a friend or family member you haven’t spoke to for a while and catch up on news.
  • Allow yourself to do something really different from your usual Sunday night routine!

8. Start your Monday right. Wake up a few minutes earlier than you normally would. Waking up earlier buys you extra time to get ready at a non-rushed pace. It can also allow you to greet the sun as it rises and to see the early morning activity happening around you. If you like to write, exercise or meditate, this is a great time of day to do any of these activities.

9. Take an aromatherapy shower. Your ordinary shower might not cut it in terms of excitement. However, adding some scent can cheer you up immensely and can turn a banal routine hygiene activity into a sweet-smelling and mind-clearing refresher.

10. Look forward to the next weekend. By now, start to plan your next weekend to have a blast with friends, or cancel any events so you can take the day off to yourself. This way, on Monday (and all week) you have something to look forward to.



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